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The woods used for work at the Lara state in Venezuela, can be reddish, purple, dark or yellow, and are known for the locals as miguelito, roble, cují, curarí or caw’s tongue. These two latter are specially used by our Aranguren artisans on making our products, for having a better quality and longer durability. 

 Pieces made by artisans from the Lara state have different styles. All of them can be on a privileged place at any home, given their high artistic value and quality on the fabrication process. 

 With good skills, tradition and exclusiveness, our artisans make the pieces to Objetos DAC. These are conformed by a variety of daily used products as big spoons, salad bowls, table settings, among others. 

 Every product is unique since it’s wood: for the artisans wood’s streaks talk, and it makes that every product has a proper life and every creation also is unique.

 Our products are designed by architect Israel Almarza Arocha, and every six months it is offered a new collection or design for a customer that values the artisanal work.  

Design of different wood products has an inspiration based on the diversity of venezuelan’s flora, many times on the shape of leaves or the trees themselves, like the typical venezuelan’s trees like Araguaney (Tabebuia chrisanta); Apamate (Tabebuia Rosea); Samán (Pithecellobium saman); Chaguaramo (Roystonea oleracea) or Cují (Prosopisjuliflora).

 We based our work on the concept that “what comes from nature, must preserve its nature”.