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At Guadalupe, a town at the Lara state in Venezuela, nature gets naked out of grounded colors, it’s characterized for being homeland of important artisans, mostly dedicated to create art from wood, as well as other products that make this town has a remarkableposition within venezuelan’s  craftwork. 

Our artisans trim according lunar stages, taking only the external branches of the trees, and in s ome cases they work with wood that comes from other states like Zulia, Monagas and Cojedes.

The surname Aranguren in Guadalupe is a very important reference in the region. Aídaand Carlos Aranguren were important pioneers on carving wood, whereas in Bella Vista area or further Guadalupe, this surname means unbeatable quality. 

José Rafael and Víctor Alfonso Yépez Aranguren, creators of the shop Artisans with soul together with members of their family, work for Objetos DAC on making exclusives pieces, designed by the architect Israel Almarza Arocha.

For being allies of this family of artisans, since the first moment you have to account with the bless of the matriarch of Aranguren brothers. Since her approval, an alliance starts to be built as it has been in our case with Objetos DAC. Artisans work for quite a few people, because apart from making exclusive works, it is very important to them teaching the tradition and legacy of the Aranguren to the new generations. 

 For our artisans, what they do is not only a trade, but a work that provides life and satisfaction.