Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Objetos DAC, after six years on duty, we are committed with the rescue of our artisans traditions and also convinced on the importance of adding efforts for impulsing even more the development oh all these artisans through processes that allow to materialize direct supports to their communities like those related to innovations, ecology and entrepreneurs proposals.   

CSR aspects constitute for Objetos DAC a fund that concentrates economical resources planned for the attention of immediate needs that the artisans might have. 

Firsts objectives include the design, equipments and expansion of the shop of our artisans; the built of a water well at the community, and a re-vegetation plan for the launch of a controlled, ecological and self sustainable production.  

We are open for the establishment of alliances with multi lateral organisms, private companies, educational institutions and universities that are keen on contributing with the local progress of artisans communities in Venezuela and the accomplishment of our aims.